Headhunting is a special form of recruitment. Even though today almost all recruitment agencies claim that they also headhunt, just a handful actually do.  As the name implies Headhunting means „HUNTING” for candidates. If you look at nature, hunting means that the hunter chooses whom to hunt. It also means that the hunted animal is not aware of that (and obviously does not want to be hunted). Transfer that to management and you know what we are talking about.

First we choose, whom we want to hunt for our clients. Second, these targeted managers are not aware of that and third „Yes” a high amount has no intention to change jobs. From our experience roughly 50% of those approached say „No, thanks!” The other 50% are open to talk and learn more. Like in nature only the best hunters can get hold of the most attractive targets. That is why our company name is TARGET Executive Search.

This whole active headhunting approach is fundamentally different from other forms of recruitment. Take an internet job posting for example. Staying with the nature comparison this is like FISHING. You put a bait into the ocean of the internet and you have to wait and see, who is swimming by, finds it attractive enough and bites. The recruitment role here is passive. Of course, it also leads to results, but to different ones.

In nature there is still another method to supply food, FARMING, of course. In a recruitment context farming means to work with a database. You have collected candidates and you take care of your database through regular updates, newsletters, job offers, and you can dig into your database and produce good results.

All 3 methods are useful and do produce results, but different ones. At TARGET we use all 3 methods together, thus optimizing the overall result. We are however, most proud about our hunting skills. This is where we have our competitive advantage, and thus impress our customers with unexpected and outstanding results. This is why you should choose TARGET!


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Even though today almost all recruitment agencies claim that they also headhunt, just a handful actually do.

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