CEE countries such as Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic are thought to hold a promising future. The pharmaceutical industry is likely to grow in these countries mainly driven by the demand for innovative drugs and the increasing patient base. Increasing R&D costs are driving big pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to look for cost-effective destinations and it is for sure that CEE countries figure on top of the list.


Central and Eastern European countries are becoming hot-spots for pharmaceutical research. Countries such as the Czech Republic and Hungary have many universities and research institutes focussing on life sciences. The pharmaceutical market in the CEE is dominated by three countries – Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic. The cardiovascular market is today the most significant therapy area in the CEE.


In the past 8 years the pharmaceutical sector has become one of TARGET’s main focus areas. We have been fortunate enough to assist a number of major generic and original players with their hiring process in the CEE region, furthermore expanding our focus to other areas such as medical devices, orphan drugs and gasses used in the healthcare industries. We have become key search and selection providers in the region. Thanks to our local knowledge we have successfully managed many international cross boarders search projects, where local know-how, excellent network, and contacts to Key Opinion Leaders combined with our CEE span were essential aspects to securing the best possible candidates in the market. We have successfully identified senior professionals for positions such as CEE Medical Advisor, Country Managers and Key Account Managers, Clinical Brand Managers but also HR Directors, CFO, Marketing Director, and so on.


Besides the obvious business focus we are also constantly monitoring the latest CEE pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare developments where areas such as reimbursement regulations, privatisation of state owned companies, distribution guidelines changes, licensing and are playing a major role especially when assisting new companies expanding into our markets or already established companies addressing their need to adapt to new environment.