on 17 Aug 2018 9:46 AM
2 really tall guys in front of colourful cubes that look like a giant game. What is all this about? I visited the "playground" of György Felföldi and his team. György is the Managing Director of Eurofoam in Hungary, which produces foam for beds and all kinds of upholstery, packaging and automotive solutions. You may well be sitting or sleeping on a Eurofoam product, since they are the European market leader for polyurethane flexible foam material. Well György is not sleeping but dreaming big and makes it happen too. Since he joined the company in 2005 he could double the turnover and triple the profitability.
I asked him, "How could you achieve such a success story?"
György Felföldi (Eurofoam), "There have been several milestones, which contributed to it:
1) process reorganization of the subsidiaries and remote locations
2) strategically prepared sales activity to the export markets
3) continuously strict cost management and finally the most important
4) building a core management team, a kind of an engine which can push the company forward in every single minute."
Klemens Wersonig (TARGET Executive Search), "What was your biggest challenge?"
György Felföldi (Eurofoam), "The biggest challenge was to make the company bigger and stronger in a very competitive market environment. In order to achieve this, we needed a diversified product, customer and geographical market portfolio, which I think successfully has been created: from the commodities - slabstock PU foam - to the most state of the art PU matrasses and automotive materials we provide solutions to all the Central East European markets. Gaining and keeping the customers' faith and trust has also been the key success factor of our team work."

Loyalty of 13 years - a great value today

Klemens Wersonig (TARGET Executive Search), "You were our TARGET candidate and I personally placed you in 2005. 13 years here. It is great to witness such a success. What motivates you still today?"
György Felföldi (Eurofoam), "I enjoy the everyday challenge of finding new market opportunities together with improving the quality of the way we are working. I like to combine the strategical planning with the push for continuous improvements. I love to grab business and market opportunities and to give the freedom to everyone in the core team to contribute to it. It is fun to lead a winning team!"
Klemens Wersonig (TARGET Executive Search), "Thank you and all the best for the future!"
Klemens Wersonig
Founder & CEO
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