Klientské reference a příběhy o úspěchu

    Mr. Patrik Pujalte - HR Director for CEE, Colas Central Europe 

    Patrick Pujalte, HR Director for CEE, Colas Central Europe

    “We worked again with TARGET for a regional position. Resulting from a Cross Border search TARGET introduced us very high ranked professionals matching the requirement. We appreciated in particular the constant flow of information, the debriefings with local Managing Partners and the very clear candidate evaluation reports which allow a sound decision.”

    Mr. Aleksander Bik - Head of HR, Atrium Real Estate Management Poland 

    Mr. Aleksander Bik

    "As a leader and desirable employer in the retail real estate industry, we are very demanding client towards our recruitment partners. TARGET Executive Search Poland belongs to this small group of companies we have trusted and we have been successfully cooperating since 2013.”

    Mr. Łukasz Szalkowski - HR Director, Ghelamco Poland 

    Mr. Łukasz Szalkowski

    „Having experiences in cooperation with different direct search recruitment companies I would like to stand out in a special way TARGET Executive Search Poland, which has a very good understanding of the nature of the recruitment project, has got particular determination in the effective operation with difficult and demanding processes and attention to constant contact with both client and candidate. On weekly basis we were informed about the progress in realization of commissioned projects and all submitted candidates’ applications were meeting our requirements. I would happily recommend TARGET Executive Search services.”

    Mrs. Izabela Matak - HR Director, Bilfinger HSG Facility Management Poland 

    I worked with several companies, but none of them could hold a so exact knowledge of the market, like TARGET Executive Search. Also co-operation with Adam Zygmunt, as the contact person for us on behalf of the company, is at the absolutely satisfied level. Both issues make TARGET company the most recommendable one.

    Mr. János Krégl - General Manager, Aqua Vital Kft. 

    Mr. János Krégl

    Trustworthy, flexible, professional. These words are the most suitable to describe the team and the processes of the TARGET Executive Search. I have come into contact with this team during changing my job. Every employee of the office was able to give information permanently about the situation. They always gave me correct and truthful information in relation to my questions, with the utmost discretion. They flexibly handled all of the special needs from both the employer’s and the employee’s side. Meanwhile they didn’t lose sight of the fact that a search will only be successful if both parties sign the contract with the greatest satisfaction at the end of the process. They have a deep understanding of the defined field and they can professionally find the right person. They are true ”matchmakers”.

    Ms. Martina Kováčová - HR Manager, Adidas Slovakia & HQ CE East 

    Ms. Martina Kováčová

    “It was a pleasure to work with TARGET Executive Search. We had a very specific and senior position to be filled, and thanks to their practical, solution minded and professional service we achieved a successful outcome. From a sensitive and targeted initial approach through to the final stages we found the cooperation to be thorough and helpful. TARGET's Consultants are knowledgeable about the marketplace and take a proactive approach to bringing the right candidate and the right company together. Their personal attention and dedication towards the assignment is greatly appreciated. Our experience with TARGET Executive Search has been a very positive one.”

    Mr. Pavel Kratochvíl - Executive Vice President & Board Member, BARENTZ 

    Mr. Pavel Kratochvíl

    “Barentz company has started successful cooperation with TARGET Executive Search just few years ago, working on one recruitment project. Based on this very successful experience we have continued the same way also in few other countries, even on the executive search for higher managerial positions. Having increasing demands on the skills levels of our various managers, we appreciate very professional, analytical approach of TARGET professionals, detailed knowledge of local markets and knowledge of local specifics. Together with TARGET Executive Search markets coverage these are major reasons and criteria why TARGET Executive Search in Central and Eastern European region is always our first choice and we plan to continue working with TARGET in the future.” 

    Mr. Vernes Latic - Production Unit Manager, Eckelt Glassolutions-Saint Gobain Group 

    Mr. Vernes Latic

    During all the selection process related to the position „Production Unit Manager“ at Eckelt-Glassolutions/Saint Gobain Group, I could appreciate the way of working from TARGET Executive Search as very positive and professional. From the very first stormy and rainy meeting with a TARGET consultant until the final hiring decision made by the Austrian company Eckelt I have particularly appreciated the communication, the coaching and individual counseling from TARGET. Their strong focus on my personal skills and on their accordance with the company culture has been decisive.

    Ms. Jana Palenčarová - HR Director, ČSOB Finance Group Slovakia 

    Ms. Jana Palenčarová

    TARGET Executive Search has been our reliable Executive Search partner. We value highly the consultant's finance sector know-how, professional and discrete way the company handles our confidential and usually rather demanding searches The consultants grasp the search framework and requirements straight away and they always deliver high quality candidates! 

    Mr. Branislav Kaňa - Vice President Sales&Marketing Europe, North America, Boiron SA 

    Mr. Branislav Kaňa

    We rely on TARGET Executive Search with very specific, usually cross-country searches and trust them to bring on board colleagues who have had solid international careers, gained strong OTC pharmaceutical sector experience, are multi-language and multi-culture and want to excel in our modern, dynamic team. They have been successful to find the talents for us and I can fully recommend TARGET as a trustful and competent headhunting partner.

    Mr. Jürgen Brunner - CFO, Head of HR GLASSOLUTIONS ECKELT Saint-Gobain Group 

    Mr. Jürgen Brunner

    TARGET Executive Search is a new partner for us. Already the first contact showed that they invest a lot in understanding our needs and structure. Therefore we were able to successfully fill two key positions in the first year of cooperation. Regular reports as well as personnel contacts create an environment of trust during the process. A certain focus on soft skills and competences of candidates – which show the deep understanding of our needs – is characteristic for TARGET’s approach. Therefore we learned to listen to their advises.

    Mr. Attila Dr. Mérész - Site Director, Ardagh Packaging Group plc 

    Mr. Attila Dr. Mérész

    „I have a truly good relationship with TARGET  Executive Search from the beginning of my career. I met them first, when they placed me as an Equity Analyst. I spent 3 years at that company. The experienced headhunters at TARGET pay attention to the long-term relationship with their candidates and as a result of our repeated phone calls, 12 years later they placed me as a Site Director at an international packaging company."

    Mr. Péter Mészáros - Managing Director, ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Ügyfélszolgálati Kft 

    Managing Director,  ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Ügyfélszolgálati Kft

    "The best job in my life I found thanks to TARGET Executive Search. It had a major impact on my career to become a Managing Director of one Elmü-Émász (Electricity) Group companies. The quality of this right match is best reflected by the fact that I already have spent 12 years with this company. I appreciate the professional headhunting and the friendly atmosphere of the TARGET team."

    Mr. Iustin Petrica - Managing Director, Carl Zeiss Instruments 

    Mr. Iustin Petrica

    "We are very satisfied with the cooperation with TARGET Executive Search in Romania. Not only because TARGET Executive Search helped us finding the right persons for the positions we were looking for. But also because they showed dedication in difficult situations, too. Therefore they have proved to be the right partner for us."

    Mrs. Lelia Cheleș - Sales Manager, Johnson Diversey 

    Mrs. Lelia Cheleș

    „The headhunters from TARGET Executive Search called me just at the right moment when I wanted to step forward in my career. TARGET knew how to evaluate and understand my university degree, my previous work experience, my aspirations for the future and match them perfectly with the new employer's expectations. It was a great opportunity to develop myself and my career and grow together with the company I am working for, since 2009. I highly recommended TARGET as being a reliable and professional company, collaborating, able to create partnerships and premises for success.”

    Mrs. Maria Tataru - Training & Development, Senior Executive Manager, Calsonic Kansei Europe 

    Mrs. Maria Tataru

    „My collaboration with TARGET Executive Search started in 2007 when I was involved in a recruitment process for a HR Manager position for a start-up company, in a new for me at that time sector – Automotive industry. I found their consultants very good professional, persistent and efficient in their approach. I was impressed by their quality of service, explanations / information provided to me during the recruitment process and their support and counseling after I have joined in the Company. After 3 years I was promoted as Regional Training & Development Manager, therefore I consider my collaboration with TARGET as being a real success story. In my opinion it is very important for a consultant to identify the best fit between the person involved into the recruitment process and the employer and in my case this was a perfect one. Today, after 6 years spent in the same company I am pleased to meet, discuss, share experience with TARGET Executive Search consultants. I would have no hesitation in recommending TARGET Executive Search for their level of professionalism and high performance and most important their friendly and professional consultants.”

    Mr. Ferenc Tujner - Managing Director, Air Liquide Hungary Kft. 

    Mr. Ferenc Tujner

    „My experience with TARGET Executive Search dates back more than a decade. During this significant period I have witnessed lots of changes in people, business and companies. When talking about values, TARGET is one of the very few ones, which has been unchanged to me since the very first day we met: company of excellence, represented by top class people.Regardless, whether you are on the job seeking side or just want a reliable, competent partner to help selecting your future colleagues/managers, TARGET equals to me with a pure and single word: QUALITY.”

    Mrs. Claudia Beermann - CFO, FMTG – Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group 

    Mrs. Claudia Beermann

    „TARGET Executive Search has filled in recent years key management positions for us. TARGET has an excellent expertise and a strong network in Eastern Europe. The TARGET team has a very good ability to present a good selection of candidates that matches perfectly the requests of our company both from a professional and a personality point of view.”


    Mr. Lajos Mészáros - Commercial & Managing Director,Trumf Hungary Kft. 

    Mr. Lajos Mészáros

    „I met the experts of TARGET Executive Search through their recent headhunting project in Hungary. We had a nice 5 round recruitment process with them and their client. They interviewed and tested the candidates in all professional aspects. I can say that this long procedure – as I got further and further - was rather interesting than unpleasant and I understood that the basic idea of this systematic and profound chain of interviews was to identify really the ideal candidate according to the requirements of their client. Finally when I got the job I also felt that I was the right one to win. Since November 2012 I work as Commercial and Managing Director of Trumf Hungary Kft.

    Mr. Balázs Nyíri - Country Operations Manager, KFP Magyar Kft.  

    Mr. Balázs Nyíri

    „I was working for a small enterprise in a very special part of the Hungarian hotel business, providing audiovisual equipment for hotels and conference centers. After 10 years I was open for new challenges and development opportunities in my career. TARGET Executive Search found me exactly at the right time with their headhunting techniques. I had a series of professional interviews and finally was selected to join the international market leader for audiovisual equipment in Hungary. TARGET’s friendly, conscientious and professional team assisted me to integrate well into my new company. After one year I was promoted to Country Operations Manager, so I think this is a real Success Story. I highly recommend TARGET Executive Search to anyone looking for new opportunities or looking for great employees!”

    Mr. Markus Mayer - Director Head of Operations, Euro-Fitting Management nv, Brussels 

    Mr. Markus Mayer

    „Euro-Fitting HR is cooperating with Mr. Wersonig in the CEE countries successfully. TARGET Executive Search recruited me for the position of the Head of Operations in the head quarter in Belgium. During the headhunting period TARGET gave full support on both sides. The very international team in 20 plants, 11 countries and 4 continents is a perfect place for me to bring in all my experience of 30 years automotive business. We enjoy working with TARGET as our recruitment partner."

    Mrs. Krisztina Molnár - Global Process Owner & Service Delivery Lead, Givaudan SSC 

    „I see TARGET Executive Search as a trustful and professional recruitment company. I confirm that I have collaborated with them as a candidate. I must say the collaboration resulted in a successful placement, introducing me to the current company I happily work for. I can confidently recommend TARGET as a solid and reliable recruitment partner, and experts in the field of headhunting.”

    Mr. András Simonyi - CEO, Baumax Zrt. 

    Mr. András Simonyi

    „During my co-operation with TARGET Executive Search, I got to know a very reliable headhunting company, which pays 100% attention to both candidates and clients. I appreciate this very much in the Hungarian recruitment market. TARGET always works on long-term relationships, builds up trust-based contacts. Even though, my first official contact was as a candidate 14 years ago, when TARGET Executive Search placed me into BAUMAX, we still have an active relationship due to TARGET’s follow up process as a part of their quality service.”

    Mr. Iván Pasker - Director Eastern Europe, DOKA Europe 

    Mr. Ivan Pasker

    „We at DOKA have started our relationship with Klemens Wersonig, the Austrian founder of TARGET Executive Search in 1991. TARGET was the right recruitment partner for us to fill our key positions in the emerging Hungarian market. I myself was also headhunted and chosen by TARGET to join DOKA. For me this was a great career move and a perfect match, where I could develop and grow together with the expansion of DOKA in CEE. Since 01.01.2012. I am responsible for 10 countries as the Director of the Region Eastern Europe. I count on the successful cooperation with TARGET also in the future.”

    Mr. Uwe Koehler - Managing Director AGG & RMX, Holcim Bulgaria 

    Mr. Uwe Koehler

    „Thanks to the cooperation with TARGET Executive Search, I was hired by the Swiss Holcim Group in 1999. Since then I enjoy an exciting career within the company in various management positions and different countries of CEE. The experienced headhunters at TARGET laid the foundation for a long term successful career with the right cultural fit.”

    Mr. Attila Nagy - General Manager, Magyar Doka Zsalutechnika Kft. 

    Mr. Attila Nagy

    „To find the right professional for a given position, admittedly is an "Art". We have worked together with TARGET Executive Search several times and we have experienced during our cooperations their high level of professionalism, reliabilty, flexibility, which make their recruitment services unique on the market. They paid high attention to our requests and the result of finding the best candidates with the right cultural fit for us was always excellent."

    Mr. Richard Skene - CEO, Holcim Hungária Zrt.  

    Mr. Richard Skene

    „My contact to TARGET Executive Search dates back to my first days in Hungary in the mid 1990's. Repeated successful searches made this a great experience. Personally for me the most important experience was of course when, thanks to the headhunting of TARGET, Holcim employed me as a CFO in Hungary. How good a match this was is probably best proven by the more than 15 years I already spent with Holcim in various positions, currently as CEO of Holcim Hungaria Zrt. But also other candidates proposed by TARGET to us in Hungary later on made their way inside the group, adding further recruitment success stories to our cooperation."

    Mr. Pascal Piret - General Manager, Bonduelle Central Europe Kft. 

    „Very good cooperation with TARGET Executive Search in terms of understanding of our needs, quality of the people selected, method of recruitment, timing and respect of it and follow up after the mission.”

    Mrs. Domitille Oosthuyse - Head of Recruitment 2008 & Head of Training 2009 

    „TARGET Executive Search conducted for PIMKIE 2 searches in Poland to lead our business. Our contact was the Regional Consultant for CEE, Mr. Gilles Huart. We warmly appreciated their work for following reasons perfect comprehension of the profiles, sound advises concerning the existing salary practices in Poland. Good identification of candidates with weekly reports even sometimes daily reports about the status of the searches. Good coordination and organization of all meetings in Warsaw concerning PIMKIE and the candidates as well. Debriefing and helpful advises in the decision phase, giving us rapidly feedback related to the candidates' feeling and very good after placement coaching of our candidates after their integration in our office. As conclusion TARGET has been a real partner in these recruitments, giving us full and comprehensive overview about Polish labour market and respecting thoroughly our values and requirements as client. I would warmly recommend TARGET and am ready to give more details at any time on request.”

    Mr. Christian Hörburger - CFO, SC Holzindustrie Schweighofer SRL 

    Mr. Christian Hörburger

    „We are an Austrian company with a lot of activities in Romania. This year, we used TARGET Executive Search to recruit two senior positions in the finance and logistic departments. We have been very satisfied with the way, TARGET worked and searched for the right persons. The direct approach and recruiting process was very well organized and during the whole process, we always have been informed about the status of the project. And most important: We were able to hire two new qualified employees within the estimated time frame.”

    Mr. Laurent Peeters - Group HR Director of Consolis Group 

    Mr. Laurent Peeters

    „Since 2008, Consolis Group is working with TARGET Executive Search in Central and Eastern Europe for several Middle Management positions (Managing directors, Finance, Plant and Sales managers) in many countries of CEE. Acting as partners, the consultants of TARGET were supporting us and bringing value through an important flexibility in the sourcing and selection processes, understanding our initial expectations and the constraints of the market. Moreover, we pinpointed the continuous open, direct and discrete communication and the customer orientation for both clients, the hiring company and the candidates.”

    Mr. Cristian Ţabără - Sales & Operation Manager, LESAFFRE Romania 

    Mr. Cristian Ţabără

    „I confirm that I have collaborated with TARGET Executive Search both as a candidate and as a client. As candidate, the collaboration resulted in a successful placement, introducing me to the current company I happily work for. As a client, they have provided my business with good support in the areas of headhunting/recruitment and I must say that the level of offered services, the flexibility and the results were excellent. I can confidently recommend TARGET as a solid and reliable recruitment partner, and experts in their field.”

    Mrs. Mădălina Bica - Procurement and Logistic Manager, CEZ Romania 

    Mrs. Mădălina Bica

    „TARGET Executive Search approached me in a moment when I wanted more from my career, and this headhunting call, changed my professional life. The TARGET consultants showed attention and trust, professionalism, and willingness to facilitate in taking the 'right decision'. I am really satisfied with the choice I've made and since then I know that I have in TARGET a real partner.”

    Mr. Emil Nyerki - Plant Manager, Prettl Hungária Kft. 

    Mr. Emil Nyerki

    „TARGET Executive Search is a great partner with a candidate focused, friendly relationship. Our story proves the old rule of success: “be at the right time at the right place”. The hiring process with my company was long and complicated, but colleagues from TARGET managed it in a professional way. We shared continuously information, during the interviews they could establish a supporting environment. After 2,5 years employment with Prettl I still think, I got a great opportunity from TARGET.”

    Mr. Daniel Friedl - Sales Director Austria, CarGarantie Versicherung AG 

    Mr. Daniel Friedl

    „TARGET Executive Search is just a great partner in the broad field of headhunters and executive search. I have cooperated with TARGET both as a candidate and as a client. TARGET is professional partner I could always rely on. Whatever assignment I´ve asked them to do, they were always able to fullfill my expectations. Beside their slick and focused approach of profession there is always enough room for some friendly words. "Soft skills" is not just a word, but also a main aim in their analysis work. As a resumee I would say that TARGET is the headhunter I would always recommend.”

    Mr. Zsolt Nyúzó - Chemical professional  

    Mr. Zsolt Nyúzó

    „During my carreer I had the chance to experience several headhunter, and consultant companies. In my experience TARGET Executive Search's follow-up, willingness to help in various situations was second to none. They were fast, informative, took good care of the candidate successfully creating a comfortable environment during the interviews. This was the ground where there were no forbidden questions, and honesty from both sides was not only expected, but an absolutely natural behaviour. I can only recommend TARGET to everybody! The experience will speak for itself!”

    Mr. Florin Constantin - Country Manager Bulgaria & Romania, EURALIS Semences 

    Mr. Florin Constantin

    „I have been working for few years now with TARGET Executive Search in Bulgaria in a trustful and cooperative relationship. Their team of consultants has always been present, proactive and professional, taking care to perfectly understand our precise needs in terms of technical and executive management recruitment. We have set highly detailed and sophisticated targets in all our projects, and TARGET has always selected the right target for us.”

    Mr. Herman Lauwers - Head of Human Resources, Eurofit Group 

    Mr. Herman Lauwers

    „I am working for several years in Central Europe with TARGET Executive Search and I always appreciate the attention that Klemens and his team is giving me. All team members are interested in the story you bring to them, and this makes the personal contact and the recruitment a much more effective process. They invest to understand our business and our needs and think creatively with me, to find good answers. It is good to see that they can think out of the box. It is a pleasure working together.”

    Mrs. Marisca Marian, MD, MBA - Business Unit Manager, GSK Oncology 

    Mrs. Marisca Marian, MD, MBA

    „When thinking about my collaboration with TARGET Executive Search consultants, impressions like high-quality assistance, trust, confidence, commitment and devotement easily come to my mind. Right from the first meetings it was a pleasant experience to be part of an executive search process run by TARGET team due to their professional, yet human approach.”

    Mr. Miroslav Galuška - Managing Director, IFE CR, a.s. / Knorr Bremse 

    Mr. Miroslav Galuška

    „I have cooperated with TARGET Executive Search both as a candidate and as a client. TARGET is professional partner I could always rely on. Whatever assignment I´ve asked them to do, the results fully met my expectations. That all in good mood and friendly atmosphere. It is my pleasure to give TARGET my wholehearted endorsement.”

    Mrs. Katerina Kupcova - HR Manager Czech Republic, O-I Manufacturing 

    Mrs. Katerina Kupcova

    „Having worked with a number of recruiters over the years, I can safely say that it was a refreshing change to work with TARGET Executive Search. Professionalism, flexibility, focus and complete understanding of our needs, effective communication with an open and honest attitude, attention to detail during the recruitment process…. It all gave me total confidence of an excellent result. It would be a pleasure to do business with TARGET again in the future.”

    Mr. Oldrich Honzak - Momentive Specialty Chemicals, a.s. HR Manager Czech Republic, Russia and Poland. 

    Mr. Oldrich Honzak

    „We use TARGET Executive Search as a hiring partner for our most important key positions. Our repeated cooperation was always dealt with in a responsible manner, required quality, on time and in a highly professional manner. TARGET’s direct search methods brought us many outstanding profiles and led to successful completion and placement of our open positions.”

    Mr. Andrej Árendáš - Head International Sales, Division Building Envelope, AFG Arbonia Forster Holding AG 

    Mr. Andrej Árendáš

    „TARGET Executive Search was there when I happened to be at my career crossroad. They brought to my attention the challenge I needed! My career with the same group I joined at TARGET´s advice has continued successfully for many years.“

    Mrs. Katarína Vanková - HR Director, Union poisťovňa and Union zdravotná poisťovňa 

    Mrs. Katarína Vanková

    „I have been already cooperating with TARGET Executive Search for couple of years. I have experienced both sides, a candidate and a client side. I appreciate the professionalism, human approach and the ability to listen and fulfill the client's needs. It is very nice to know you have a business partner who is interested in you and who is at your disposal as a consultant even if you don't cooperate at some project in that moment.”

    Mrs. Silvia Jeleníková - EMEA HR PMO Lead & HR Director Slovakia, Dell 

    Mrs. Silvia Jeleníková

    „Finding the right people is an "Art". Sometimes, it is more luck, sometimes only the hard work -systematic direct search- helps to deliver. TARGET Executive Search is known for its thorough direct search work and this brings them also the luck that is needed in our demanding talent management job.”

    Mrs. Hana Várošiová - HR Director, Metlife Amslico 

    Mrs. Hana Várošiová

    „I see TARGET Executive Search as a reliable, trustful and professional partner in recruitment. Our long term, very successful relationship, has been possible due to the TARGET consultant's deep market knowledge, discrete handling and a flexible, pro-customer work attitude.”