As you probably noticed we have an Austrian/German desk and a French desk with native speakers, but the truth is that our team is very international. Our company language is English, we write our reports in English, we interview our candidates in English next to their native language.


When I was young I received a 1 year Rotary scholarship for Canada, Ontario. It has impacted my life tremendously and turned it international ever since. During my business studies in Vienna, Austria I joined AIESEC, the international student organisation and became their president. I had traineeships in the USA, Canada, France. I have lived and worked in various countries ever since.


Only logical that when building my own company TARGET Executive Search, I followed this international spirit. All our Consultants speak English, many several languages. All have an international mindset, many have lived abroad. So, our whole company is The International Desk.


We all share the same desire to give state of the art headhunting service to our clients. Highest quality recruitment on an international level. When you have had other experience in CEE, you will quickly realize that you have reached an island of quality and professionalism, of customer orientation and ethics, of fairness and trust.


We want a long term lasting and trusting partnership...also with You!



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We are screening the market to find the best talent for the specific needs of our clients.


Even though today almost all recruitment agencies claim that they also headhunt, just a handful actually do.

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TARGET Executive Search has earned a unique reputation in the CEE markets for carrying out such Top Secret Searches. A secret stays a secret, guaranteed!


An efficient assessment tool that helps to learn about ourselves and at the same time learn to appreciate differences between people.

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