on 19 Jun 2018 11:51 AM

Our TARGET management team met last week in Prague. Headhunters from 7 different countries with combined over 100 years headhunting experience in CEE. Work and fun! On the work side we discussed the GDPR status of our 300.000 candidates, our new CRM development and the final touches of our new website. Special thanks to Márta Horváth, our project manager for all these topics. Enjoy our new website!

We also compared the latest recruitment trends across CEE to those in Germany since we had as special guest Lothar Grünewald, a top ranked headhunter from Düsseldorf. In Germany headhunting is more and more dominated by social networks like XING and Linkedin, while in CEE research beyond social networks is still the major success factor for recruitment. At the same time Germany has such a high demand for talent on all levels that more and more searches expand to CEE markets. “Germany calling!” could well become a new slogan.

On the fun side we enjoyed a beautiful sunny day on our office terrace with delicious homemade barbecue and ice cold Becherovka and Czech beer.

Klemens Wersonig
Founder & CEO
TARGET Executive Search