on 27 Oct 2017 7:33 AM

Humor in business makes the difference

Enjoying the sun on our office terrace I wanted to make a Selfie  to send to my children. Well… too much sun! Eyes wide shut! A crazy idea! A funny picture! :)

Humor in business makes the difference


Don´t take yourself too serious! Have you ever laughed during a client meeting? Well, you should! Of course, it must come natural and fit to your temper, but too many people try to stay serious by all means. Relax and enjoy! Everybody likes to smile and laugh. Bring joy and fun to your colleagues and clients. It will brighten your day and often it will bring you business.

Once I had a sales meeting with my French colleague Stephanie. Waiting at the reception to meet the big French Expat boss, we exchanged some stories and there all of a sudden we broke out into loud laughter shedding tears, we simply could not stop anymore. When the boss was ready to receive us, we were still laughing hysterically. So that was clearly too much. However, we still got the business. 

Humor works in cold call sales


Currently I am hiding from a sales guy, who is chasing me with calls and mails until he finally sent me the last funny mail as follows:

Hey Klemens,

I haven't heard back from you and that tells me one of three things:



I look forward to your reply... and I really hope it's not #3.

Humor may get you the next job

I am in the recruitment business and quite often we challenge candidates for their sense of humor. Why? Because we want to lift the curtain and see what is behind the polished facade. It does not mean that they should tell us a joke rather that we produce a funny sentence or situation and check, how they react. If and how fast can they tune in and respond on a simple human level? By doing so we also prepare the candidates for our clients, because some have a great sense of humor and they want to hire people, who can laugh with them. So humor makes the difference.

Keep smiling!

Klemens Wersonig
Founder & CEO
TARGET Executive Search