on 10 Nov 2018 11:32 AM

“6 seconds is all it takes to decide about your next career move”, explained the headhunting team of TARGET Poland to a group of finance master students at the top ranked Warsaw Kozminski university. Experienced recruiters scan a CV in 6 seconds on the average. “It works like a human google search”. The recruiter looks for the relevant key words, like controlling, treasury, risk analysis, SAP, leadership etc. Hop or drop in 6 seconds! The CV will be rejected or put forward for further analysis! Is the candidate invited for a personal interview or not.


Other insights and hints given were, how to make the right first impression. When actually is the first impression? Probably on the phone, when the headhunter calls you. So, beware when you pick up a call from a new number to behave professionally. You never know, who is calling! It might be your future boss. Or maybe the first impression will be your email address blinking up in the inbox of a recruiter.  Make sure it is professional and not [email protected] !


Keeping promises and deadlines is another crucial aspect in recruitment. If you promise to send your CV until Friday, then do not miss it! If you are unable to keep the deadline, then at least send a message up front saying “Sorry, I have a problem, I need more time.” Obviously being on time for the interview is an absolute must. So be early in the area and cool down, prepare your thoughts.


The students raised several questions about salaries. A candidate should never ask actively about the salary during an interview, but always wait until the recruiter brings this topic. Katarzyna Zwierzchowska, insurance and financial services headhunting expert from TARGET pointed out the specifics of a winning CV. Definitely special skills in sports or arts should also be mentioned, even when they do not seem relevant for the job. Recruiters want to understand the person behind the CV and companies want to hire fitting personalities to their team, not just experts.

The workshop was conducted by Joanna Dulniak, Katarzyna Zwierzchowska, Magdalena Kijewska from the TARGET Poland headhunting team. The TARGET Executive Search Group has been operating in Poland over 16 years and has a dedicated division for finance and insurance positions. The Austrian founder and CEO, Klemens Wersonig also attended the workshop and discussed international career options with the students.


Klemens Wersonig
Founder & CEO
TARGET Executive Search