on 02 Mar 2018 10:59 AM

Here it is! I have finally discovered great breakfast in Budapest. Most of all, it is great service breakfast. And in such a hidden place. Ein echter Geheimtipp! Egy magyar titok!




For those who know me and follow my blog they know how desperately I am looking for half decent service and how many frustrations I face. 2 months ago I said to myself, “Klemens, it is not possible. There must be good breakfast somewhere in Budapest! I need to find it!” And, of course, I am not talking about hotel breakfasts, which is a different category.


I decided to use my headhunting skills. How does a headhunter find the best talent? 2 strategies always: 1) Do research on the internet and look for recommendations and 2) Systematically screen the market from A-Z, even if at first sight it may seem useless. And usually this second strategy brings the better results.


Strategy 1 - The internet research yielded quite decent results, like Kino Cafe and Stika. Good breakfast and good service!


Strategy 2 - In parallel I started my systematic screening of the city. I invested several weekends and started to walk through each and every small street in the inner districts, up and down. Suddenly I stumbled over it. It could not have been hidden better in a tiny side street off Kiraly utca in district 6. You would never walk through there, because thanks to a major construction it has been turned into a dead end, temporarily. The design looked appealing, so I ventured in. The chef greeted me right away and showed me to a table. Despite its lost location the place was not empty. Have you noticed that in most Hungarian restaurants when you walk in you meet a human fence, called waiter, stating with all its body language, “What the hell do you want here?” Then when you answer “I would like to eat” big surprise and hospitality finally starts. Well here in this place called “Lions” it was completely different! Such a warm welcome, as if you meet family members, the owner waving me in. I ordered the “Lions breakfast” a wonderful ham and eggs feast, actually a brunch meal.

The service and the whole atmosphere were just excellent. Curious, I started talking to the owners. Árpad and his wife Gabi run their place with so much passion, care and humor. They proudly say “We are the product! We make the difference!” They for sure do.


I wanted to order lemon cake, but they had run out of it. I looked disappointed, but they suggested apple pie instead which was also excellent. Afterwards Gabi said, “If you come back next Sunday, I will bake lemon cake for you.” You know me, I did go back next Sunday and already when I opened the door they shouted, “We have the lemon cake for you!” That says it all! Great personal service. Too good to be true.


Yes, I forgot to mention that Lions has a side product, a locker service, which many foreign tourists find on the internet. Therefore there is good frequency despite of the hidden location. Tourists from all over the world flock in and Árpad sure enough speaks all the languages, like the Pope, just more funny. What a character! It is fun to experience this cosmopolitan oasis in the heart of district 6. I am sure that soon you will need to book tables there.


Check it out!

Lions Locker and Breakfast

Vasvari Pal utca 11., Budapest 1061


Klemens Wersonig

Founder & CEO

TARGET Executive Search