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If you are looking for talented managers and experts in Central and Eastern Europe, then you found the right place, the true experts of headhunting in CEE. The majority founder and boss of TARGET is a real pioneer of CEE, who came in 1988 as probably the youngest Austrian Expatriate behind the Iron Curtain to Hungary. In 1994 he founded TARGET Executive Search focusing on Headhunting for Top and Senior Management. Today there are offices with local consultants in Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. However, TARGET conducts recruitments all over CEE, for example Ukraine, Georgia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Albania etc. TARGET has also developed a network of global headhunting partners over the years. These are trusted firms around the world, whom we can truly recommend.

TARGET offers in-depth Executive Search Consulting to find the right people to achieve your company’s goals. Extensive local research combined with networking and focused direct search deliver the best possible candidates in the market. Through personal interviews the international and business-minded consulting team screens candidates for both professional experience and interpersonal skills such as attitude and leadership.

In CEE almost every recruitment company calls itself a headhunting company, but just a handful really does headhunting, like TARGET. We are real headhunters. Full stop. We have developed sophisticated tools and methods in order to deliver the right candidates, who are often not even looking for a job. 

A state-of-the-art CRM system and innovative market insight reports ensure 2 results:

  1. TARGET will "find the missing piece" for your company
  2. TARGET will provide you with an overview about the talent pool in your industry

TARGET follows a "Boutique" Executive Search model in each local country, thus being small and flexible enough to adjust quickly to client needs. At the same time through the regional CEE network TARGET is big enough to ensure consistent international quality standards for assignments covering several countries.

Can Central and Eastern European Management Compete?

In 2009 and 2015 TARGET Executive Search published 2 major studies in cooperation with leading universities. Each time around 1000 Expats throughout CEE (+app. 200 local managers) were asked about their opinion on the local (CEE) management competitiveness (“Can local management compete?”) These studies are available here.

TARGET 2015 study results                                          TARGET 2009 study results