Career opportunities

The ZEISS Office initially opened in Romania in 1990, as a subsidiary of Carl Zeiss GmbH located in Vienna and leading the ZEISS business in various South-East European countries.  

Our client is a multinational company, activating in fashion retail, which is looking for an Expansion Manager that will help the company to develop their existing shops network.

Our client is a multinational company in Pharmaceuticals and Medical Technology sector, a global player with presence in more than 150 countries. The company is currently looking for a Government Affairs Manager. 

Clientul nostru este o companie globala, producatoare de componente pentru industria automotive.

Pentru fabrica lor din Moldova, suntem in cautarea unei persoane care va fi responsabila de conducerea, administrarea si gestionarea Departamentului de Resurse Umane.

Clientul nostru, lider in industria de prelucrare a lemnului, este in cautarea unui Deputy Logistic Manager. Obiectivul clientului nostru este de a angaja un candidat care in decurs de 6-12 luni va prelua pozitia de Director Logistica.

Our client is an international leader in automotive logistics managing over 300 offices in 32 countries. They are looking for a Global Account Manager Life Science.

Our client is an international manufacturer of installation technology and it is currently looking for a Sales Consultant due to the continuous increase of effectiveness and improvement in client’s activities.

Our client is a multinational company, in industrial sector, a global player, with thousands of employees and millions of customers worldwide. Diversified on several sectors, they are covering regionally the SEE HR function.

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria.

Our client is an important company in the automotive industry and it is currently looking for an Operations Director in order to coordinate the operations of their manufacturing processes.

Our client is an international printing company providing services for the packaging industry and we are currently looking for a person with the rank of Executive Director managing the branch office in Romania.