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Polish managers are the best in CEE!

“Polish managers are the best in CEE!” A vast majority from 1000 Expat managers agreed to this statement. The TARGET Executive Search Expatriate study has been conducted already twice across CEE.

Women are better managers in CEE!

“Women are better managers in CEE!” A vast majority from 1000 Top managers agreed to this statement. The TARGET Expat study has been conducted already twice across CEE.

TARGET CEE Study results

Can Central and Eastern European Management Compete?

In 2009 and 2015 TARGET Executive Search published 2 major studies in cooperation with leading universities. Each time around 1000 Expats throughout CEE (+app. 200 local managers) were asked about their opinion on the local (CEE) management competitiveness (“Can local management compete?”) These studies are available here.

TARGET 2015 study results                                          TARGET 2009 study results


In 20 years you and I will look at the iPhone and smile about its antique outdated shapes. :) and we will tell our kids and grandchildren, that this was a real big revolution - back then 20 years ago - and they will laugh about us.
The same happens now, when I tell my kids, that 20 years ago the internet just started. There were no e-mails, no social networks, mobil phones weighed 5 kilos etc.

20 years ago I founded this company, TARGET Executive Search. My partner and I, we started in a typical "garage" in Budapest. Ok, it was not a garage, but close enough, a 1 room office with 6m2, 1 PC and 4 people. As soon as our main and dominant competitor learned about our existence they hired away our only 2 employees for double money, so only the 2 founding partners were left and we started to build TARGET from scratch. Many stories to tell...I will write a book, but one major lesson to retain.

Despite the technological revolution, from letters to e-mails, from heavy phone books to facebook, from excel database to linkedin, despite all this the people are still the same. No technology can replace the human factor in senior recruitment. Now we all have immediate access to people around the globe, but at the end of the day quality recruitment remains a personal decision based on that unique human chemistry that will not come across in any video interview. We treat much more data now, much faster, but the personal fit must be there. Only then it will be a long-term success.

Guess what! We really have placed candidates 20 years ago, who are still at the same company and made great careers. What a great fit! Thank you for being with us as clients, candidates, colleagues and friends.


Klemens Wersonig
Founder & CEO
TARGET Executive Search Group


Mrs. Maria Tataru (T&D, Senior Executive Manager, Calsonic Ka

„My collaboration with TARGET Executive Search started in 2007 when I was involved in a recruitment process for a HR Manager position for a start-up company, in a new for me at that time sector – Automotive industry. I found their consultants very good professional, persistent and efficient in their approach. I was impressed by their quality of service, explanations / information provided to me during the recruitment process and their support and counseling after I have joined in the Company. After 3 years I was promoted as Regional Training & Development Manager, therefore I consider my collaboration with TARGET as being a real success story. In my opinion it is very important for a consultant to identify the best fit between the person involved into the recruitment process and the employer and in my case this was a perfect one. Today, after 6 years spent in the same company I am pleased to meet, discuss, share experience with TARGET Executive Search consultants. I would have no hesitation in recommending TARGET Executive Search for their level of professionalism and high performance and most important their friendly and professional consultants.”

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